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What's new at the Diabetes Monitor?
We recently completed a site update, giving Diabetes Monitor a fresh, modern look with new
navigation, new content sections and some new tools.

New navigation: We have launched new content sections on Diabetes Monitor, including the following:
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New tools. We launched a Body Mass Index Calculator as well as a fantastic Glucose Meter Comparison Tool,
which allows you to compare the features and specifications of over 50 meters available on the market today.

New blog. We have launched a new blog called The Diabetes Collective. It includes content
and posts from individuals living with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

New Ask the Expert section. We also have created an Ask the Expert section where you can submit questions
to our three diabetes experts, including a Certified Diabetes Educator, a Family Practitioner that specializes in
diabetes and a Registered Dietitian.

Updated social media accounts. We've also updated our social media accounts at Facebook, Twitter and Google+.
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Here is a list of popular content and tools currently on Diabetes Monitor
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  3. Medications
  4. Body Mass Index Calculator
  5. Ask the Diabetes Expert
  6. The Diabetes Collective
  7. Test Strips
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