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From: Angela in (IOWA) [#1]
 23 Aug 2009

Has anyone had a MRI to predict when they may be needing to go on insulin? I hear they can tell by the MRI how well the pancreas is working and when someone may need insulin

I would love to know but I am sure it would not be covered by insurance.


From: Suzie (SUSANMONTANA) [#2]
 23 Sep 2009
To: Angela in (IOWA) [#1] 24 Sep 2009

An MRI is not used to diagnose the pancreas' ability to produce insulin. A C-peptide test determines how well the pancreas produces insulin. This is done with a simple blood draw.


From: Angela in (IOWA) [#3]
 24 Sep 2009
To: Suzie (SUSANMONTANA) [#2] 25 Sep 2009


MRI may help physicians diagnose, stage and treat diabetes
August 5th, 2009

Noninvasive imaging (MRI) may aid physicians in the early diagnosis, staging and treatment of diabetes, according to a study performed at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA. This is the first study of its kind to apply noninvasive imaging techniques to diabetes research.


"With noninvasive MRI we have the ability to evaluate beta cell mass, a major factor of insulin secretion that is significantly reduced in type two diabetes and almost gone in type one," said Anna Moore, MD, lead author of the study. "We are also able to detect inflammation of the pancreas and vascular changes associated with type one and type two diabetes. This opens a huge area that is closed right now," said Dr. Moore.

"Knowing the number of functional beta cells left would allow physicians to develop the most appropriate treatment plans for their patients. It would also allow them to respond, change or manipulate those treatment plans at any time," she said.

"Noninvasive MRI could no doubt tremendously assist in achieving insulin independence in patients with diabetes," said Dr. Moore.

This study appears in the August issue of the American Journal of Roentgenology.

Source: American Roentgen Ray Society


From: Suzie (SUSANMONTANA) [#4]
 25 Sep 2009
To: Angela in (IOWA) [#3] 26 Sep 2009

Thanks, I knew about this study/research. There's still no conclusive evidence that an MRI can predict the amount of insulin the pancreas produces or doesn't produce. Until it does, the gold standard remains a C-Peptide. Also, the cost of an MRI is pretty expensive when compared to a blood draw. Perhaps someday we will see a cheaper yet equivalent MRI type of scan that can be used for annual checkups.


From: Suzie (SUSANMONTANA) [#5]
 26 Sep 2009
To: Suzie (SUSANMONTANA) [#4] 26 Sep 2009

Here is a link to an article that is similar - "MRI-like Scan May Predict Type 2 Diabetes Risk". It speaks of using MRS (magnetic resonance spectroscopy) to determine how much pancreatic fat has to predict type 2 diabetes.


From: LukeHealy [#7]
 8 Jul 2015
To: Angela in (IOWA) [#1] unread

medpagetoday.com Go and see here


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