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From: Becca (RLANG6) [#1]
 17 Aug 2009

I recently read an ad for a new herbal treatment for type 2 diabetes called Syntra-5. Has anyone researched this or had any experience with it. It appears to be very promising but of course it was an ad.


From: Diabetes_Doc [#2]
 17 Aug 2009
To: Becca (RLANG6) [#1] 18 Aug 2009

I have no experience with this product other than reviewing its website just now.

I might point out that the supposed clinical trial report that they use in support of their claims is certainly not in the format of CSRs (Clinical Study Reports) nor drafts for publication that I am used to, and seems targeted to the non-science reader. The conclusion is laughable:

"Based on these clinical comparisons and the complete lack of known adverse side effects, interactions, or contra-indications from the herbal ingredients in the test product, we conclude that Syntra-5™ was shown to be a safe and highly effective means of promoting healthy blood sugar balance naturally in the body."

First of all, there were indeed "adverse events" (AE) in these study: unexpected weight loss sounds like a "good" AE, but none-the-less, it is an AE: "this weight loss was measured, it was in no way anticipated or expected in this study group as participants were instructed to maintain their previous eating and drinking habits from pre-study."

Second, "promoting healthy blood sugar balance naturally" is a marketing pitch, not a scientific conclusion.

In short, I strongly suspect this is merely another in a long string of over-hyped minimally-helpful herbal products that come and go. I won't waste my money on it.


From: Lori (LORIR1104) [#3]
 12 Apr 2010
To: Diabetes_Doc [#2] 12 Apr 2010

I'm curious to know how many have tried Syntra 5, and what the outcome was?

The reason I ask is that my dad has been taking it since August '09. He lost around 40 pounds, but his blood sugar levels were still out of control. Around late December, he started having a lot of pain in his abdomen. It has gotten continually worse, and the last test that he had was an MRI - which found a calcified pancreatic mass that's highly suspicious for cancer. He's 67 years old, and I pray that it's NOT. We're going to the university hospital today to find out next steps.

By the way, he gained every bit of that weight back in a very short period of time, without changing his diet at all. I think it's a huge scam and now am wondering just WHAT it's doing to the body?

It just hit me a couple of days ago that he had been taking this supplement, and wondered if it had anything to do with what's going on in his body. I can't find a thing on the internet, other than how fabulous it is. Any feedback would be appreciated.


From: bb (BEV) [#5]
 20 Jan 2012
To: Lori (LORIR1104) [#3] 22 Sep 2012

I am just now reading this post and I need to know how your Dad is doing. I used Syntra5 for a year last year. When I went and had my blood work done I was in great shape. It had kept my blood sugar down perfectly, my cholesterol, trigliserids, and blood pressure were perfect. I didn't lose any weight. In fact I didn't even try. I ate a lot of sugars. I did eat good meals, but I ate deserts and sweet snacks all the time.

However, my stomach began to bother me. It began to burn and bloat till I quit taking it. I have been having stomach problems since. I pretty much thought it was the sugar doing the bloating instead of the Syntra5 and was just about to start taking it again when I stumbled on this post.

I will wait and not take it again, until I hear back to see if it may have been the problem.



From: Lori (LORIR1104) [#7]
 22 Sep 2012
To: bb (BEV) [#5] unread

Hi there,
I had forgotten about this post and somehow stumbled on it again. My dad did have pancreatic cancer. He fought a good fight, but ended up losing to it in October of 2010 - just six months after diagnosis.

I talked to his oncologist about Syntra5, and he did not think that it contributed to the cancer. I don't know if it did or didn't.

How are you doing? Did you end up taking it again?


From: toneylee in VA (TONEYLEE) [#9]
 23 Sep 2012
To: Lori (LORIR1104) [#7] unread

Lori, I'm sincerely sorry for the loss of your dad. Even if it was 2 years ago, I know how much it hurts.


From: Redders (CLARE) [#11]
 4 Feb 2013
To: Diabetes_Doc [#2] unread

Dear Diabetes "Doc",

The sub-text of your response here is that all natural products are scams, and only pharmaceutical products work. Not surprising, I suppose as you're in the busines of supplying pharma products.

I haven't taken this product, nor am I connected to it in any commercial sense, but even I was able to find independent studies to support at least some of this product's ingredients being beneficial for diabetes.

I see also that the product itself has undergone two trials, which is rare for a natural product to have any placebo controlled research done on it.

I note the study conclusions seem encouraging, and whilst more research is needed, to dismiss it out of hand seems pretty unscientific.

Diabetes is now a big bucks business, and keeping people dependent on diabetes meds is the name of the game.

And it looks as though you're just intent protecting you're own little piece of the cake instead of looking at all the treatment options. I bet you'd still recommend Avandia if it turned a decent profit for you.


From: Tom (CHARLES) [#13]
 24 Dec 2015
To: Becca (RLANG6) [#1] unread

did you hear anything back about Syntra 5


From: seleyrn18144747 (SELEYRN) [#15]
 4 Mar 2016
To: Diabetes_Doc [#2] unread

I have been taking Syntra 5 for a month. I also as suggested eliminated wheat and grains from my diet, sugar and diet soda.
I have seen NO improvement in my fasting glucose readings. When I contacted the company about this I was told that the participants in their study group were not on any diabetes medications, and that may be affecting my results.... My only medication is insulin. No oral meds at all....But I quit taking my insulin for two days, but my sugars were so high I could not continue without it... So back to square one with this product. I believe it is a scam, like much of the holistic products one sees advertised on the internet. I have tried many and yes, I still grasp at anything that will help me with my diabetes. I guess that proves I am easily swayed, I have tried other products over the years with claims that did not come through for me. Either I am an anomaly of the people who are posting these fantastic results are company shills.

I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT. save your money, alter your diet, and lifestyle, you will have more luck controlling your glucose levels.. And these are the recommendations that came with the product... So why pay for this product, for my personal results, my sugars are increasing, I have seen no benefit from this product at all.


From: seleyrn18144747 (SELEYRN) [#17]
 4 Mar 2016
To: Lori (LORIR1104) [#3] unread

I agree this is a scam, I have been on it for one month today... Have seen no derease in glucose levels, and in fact I believe they are higher. I have eliminated wheat and sugar and grains from my diet, and still have no postivie results from this. given your father's experiene I believe I will throw it into the garbage can.


From: Wisdom [#19]
 6 Mar 2016

Well, I have Diab.2 for about 20 Years and my objective all along was
to avoid the Insulin treatment. So, I am hooked on Metformin and Glybizide - not too bad. My pre-meal meas. range from 110 to 150; after- meal around 200; fairly constant. I am 83 in excellent health.
What I have learned in those Years is that Diab. is a very individual thing.
You can read all the books in the world about it; nobody can give you a cure; nobody knows your body -- except YOU! Hence, do some light
exercises (at the Y or Health Insurance/ Hospital facilities, or bicycling etc.) ; do some daily walking begin with 10-15 min. Go on for about one week, and measure twice a day on regular hours (same hours if possible). I measure first thing in the morning fasting; then 2=3 hours after Lunch. I bet you will be surprised of the result. Simple, no book, and on your OWN!

In regards to the pills, I noticed that many readers categorize the Supplements as a scam. Well, it depends on your age! I think we can all agree on that with age some of the energy we had in younger years is
waning. Or, suddenly we experience a pain in the hips, elbows. Some of our internal organs producing beneficial nourishments, proteins to our body are getting tired and are in need of Supplements. I checked a good many Supps and found that a majority do have the nutrients an aging body needs. However, only a comprehensive Lab Test could tell you what your body REALLY needs -- not just for Diabeties. I must agree, buying Supplement based on Literature is a total waste. Unfortunately Diab. is becoming a Gold Mine and is being harvested to no end and no cure!


From: seleyrn18144747 (SELEYRN) [#21]
 17 Mar 2016
To: seleyrn18144747 (SELEYRN) [#17] unread

A further update of my experience with Syntra 5. I finished the first bottle. I watched my diet...eliminated wheat, sugar, sodas. and most grains. So the average fasting glucose reading from week one to week 2 went down 40 points... After that my sugars went up again. So I believe the dietary restrictions are responsible for the decrease in glucose readings after the first week not the Syntra.

Finally after one month and not seeing all these fantastic results which were reported. I just quit taking it,,, within a week my am fasting glucose started to come down close to normal range... So now I have two worthless bottles of Synra 5 ,, which I will not take again because I believe it was actually raising my sugars.

I was diligent about recording what I ate, and recorded my fasting and an occaisional post meal reading.....I would love to find something that actually worked like the testimonials here say it does....But I am convinced that the only thing that will lower sugars is. extreme dietary changes.. and regular exercise.... So say goodbye to breads, actually all grains, and limit fruits. This is the only thing that has helped me reduce by blood glucose. THERE IS NO MAGIC PILL .


From: GG [#23]
 14 Apr 2017

I'm on too many medications and would like to decrease that number. So, I'm going to try Syntra5. If, after 3 months, nothing changes, I will not reorder it. This I know: Your genetic type has a lot to do with whether or not you respond positively to any medication. Other factors enter in also. One treatment does NOT fit all.

The human trials lasted for 90 days, with positive results. That's not the 10 years of trials and research required by the FDA, but there doesn't seem to be a huge correlation between FDA approved drugs and long term effectiveness without serious complications. I think we have just as good a chance with 'natural' supplements that have been used by many cultures over centuries. They may be slower acting and without FDA or monetary backing, but they are broader in scope and sans genetic matching, no bigger a crap shoot than all the FDA approved holes in the bank account, into which we throw money.


From: Pops (KENNETH) [#25]
 31 Jan 2018

I have been taking synta5 for several yesrs and I sweat by it. When I found ouy that I had DIABETES THE Dr.tried several medications but I was allergic to sll of them. So I startrd doing research and found this syntrs5 and started taking it. It took about 6 weeks before I started seeing a difference. But it started keeping my sugar down.the next time I went to the Dr. he could not believe that my sugar was normal. Since then my sugar has been fine and I est what ever I want.


From: Pops (KENNETH) [#27]
 31 Jan 2018
To: Redders (CLARE) [#11] unread

If you think that only pharmaceutical meds work you either have a lot of stock in them or you have a lot to learn. Natural cures have been around a lot longer and do work.


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