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From: Jan (JANICE) [#1]
 14 Jul 2009

Hi all:

I think we all know that having diabetes makes us prone to a few more problems than people who don't. It can also cause even mild illness to get worse quickly.

I know all this but sometimes we let to ignore it.

This past weekend I was on call with the ambulance (for those of you who don't know, I am a volunteer EMT).

Had a few runs and then just as I went off duty Sunday night I felt a little ill. I suddendly started sweating buckets - I could hardley get my drenched clothes off!

Went and laid down and then felt ill and dizzy - called for hubby to come and help me into the bathroom and the mintue I stood up I was sick at both ends - really sick.

Spent an hour on the toliet and then asked him to call a friend who is an EMT to take my vitals cause I was so weak and feeling so cold.

She came over and stayed with me 45 mintes while I continued to be ill and fianlly said, you are going to the hospital.

Got in the ambulance and my temperature was 95.

Long story short - it was a virus and the dr said being diabetic I just got more sick than others might. Had several rounds of drugs to stop the throwing up and a bag of IV fluid and came home.

No we don't need to go to a hospital or run to our dr every time we get ill but be aware that you might get sicker faster and don't ignore it if you do.


From: toneylee in VA (TONEYLEE) [#2]
 14 Jul 2009
To: Jan (JANICE) [#1] 14 Jul 2009

Wow, Jan, I'm so sorry that happened to you and so glad that you are all right now! It's a kind of scary story, for sure.


From: Jan (JANICE) [#3]
 14 Jul 2009
To: toneylee in VA (TONEYLEE) [#2] 15 Jul 2009

thanks Tony I am almost back to normal.

I just wanted to remind people, especially those new to this that we already have a compromised system and illness can be worse for us at times.


From: Geri in Co:Victoza(3-10) (GERI) [#4]
 15 Jul 2009
To: Jan (JANICE) [#1] 16 Jul 2009

Wow. Sorry you had to go through that, not alot of fun.

I agree we should all be aware of what to do when we start feeling ill. We need to have a plan that the dr approves as to what to do when we start feeling not quite right. Last night I got very nauseaus and had been belching some very bad smelling stuff all day long. I drank some ginger ale and went to bed early. My neighbor was feeling the same way so I thought it was something going around. Not sure what it was but I'm feeling better this am.


From: Jan (JANICE) [#5]
 16 Jul 2009
To: Geri in Co:Victoza(3-10) (GERI) [#4] 16 Jul 2009


Glad you are better. I am worse. Sudden onset of ear and throat pain late yesterday. Saw my PA - she sent out a throaat culture. The swab was negatie but she thinks there is something going on and is concerned.

Lost my voice last night so on orders to stay home a rest a couple of more days.



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