Full Version: PLease vote for Beehive in the Sourceforge awards.

From: MrTrent [#1]
 13 Jul 2009

Hi there,

Before i start, i'd just like to apologise for turning up unannounced and uninvited (also, i'm not entirely sure which folder this should have been posted in, so apologies again if i'm in the wrong place), but i come as a kind of unofficial representative of the developers of Project Beehive (the most excellent forum software you're using), who hang around at www.tehforum.co.uk

Recently, Sourceforge announced the nominations for the Sourceforge Community Choice awards, and thanks to the support Beehive gained from users all across the internet, Beehive was nominated for the Best Visual Design and Best Project for Government categories. This in itself is great, but now we'd like to win!

So if any of you could find the time to click the link and vote for Beehive it would be massively appreciated. If i've done my job right the link should automatically fill in the voting form, so all you need to do is enter an email address, click vote, and click the link in the confirmation email.

Once again, forgive me for just turning up like this, but thank you very much to anyone who can find the time to do this.

Link here: http://sourceforge.net/community/cca09/vote/?f=432



From: Mark_in_MO [#2]
 16 Jul 2009
To: MrTrent [#1] 19 Jul 2009

To All DiabetesDiscussions Users,

I just voted for the Beehive "open source" project via the link in the original thread posting.

FYI - for those of you who are not computer geeks (like me) open source means that the application's source code is available to all developers and anyone can submit proposed changes, improvements or fixes for issues. In other words, open source means it is a community developed software package. Also - no one gets paid for their efforts - they work for free.

If you want to help recognize the Beehive forum software and the developers who work on it for no financial gain (just the satisfaction of creating and maintaining this great forum tool), you have less than a week to vote - do not delay.



From: MrTrent [#3]
 19 Jul 2009
To: Mark_in_MO [#2] 26 Jul 2009

Thanks for the support, Mark.


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