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From: LS (LAUREL) [#1]
 31 Dec 2008

Hello Everyone...I am new to this board, but not new to diabetes...diagnosed in 1997. Started on Diabeta and just gained weight, so I stopped. Was in major denial about it for a long time...finally took it seriously in 2005 and began on Actos...which did very little to improve FBG. However, in 2006, I went into the hospital for surgery and was put on insulin as a matter of hospital policy. Have been on insulin ever since, except for a 6-month try with Januvia, which did little for me. Since June, am using 38 units of Lantus per AM and still had higher readings than normal...but when I added alkaline water and alkaline-producing foods, FBGs are in normal range, and was able to reduce insulin, which is still causing weight gain--so I want off of it. So there is my background.

Yesterday I spent a fascinating journey for 2 hours online after doing a search on "diabetes cortisol". I had previously read a little of the connection and was surprised to find there is a plethora of information of the cortisol/diabetes connection. There are many articles talking about stress causing cortisol production...even depression and sleep apnea producing cortisol...and foods like caffeine, white flour and sugar all raising cortisol...which in turn creates belly fat, which then causes diabetes. And then the problem of the cortisol actually interfering with insulin.

Has anyone else checked this out?



From: LS (LAUREL) [#2]
 31 Dec 2008
To: LS (LAUREL) [#1] 31 Dec 2008

Hello again...I am now reading about an herb called Holy Basil that reduces cortisol, thus relieving its cascade of negative effects. I am planning on getting some today on my lunch break...there sure is a lot of information on the Internet of its positive effects...worth a try!


From: Geri in Co:Victoza(3-10) (GERI) [#3]
 1 Jan 2009
To: LS (LAUREL) [#1] 1 Jan 2009

Welcome to the blog.

I read the book The Schwartzbein Principle about 5 years ago and it talked about the cortisol levels in connection to stress. I had my cortisol levels checked a year later and discovered that I wake up with normal levels but as the day goes on my levels are off the charts. This was before going on insulin and I had the big belly already. I'm still working on my stress levels and hope to learn to meditate better to calm myself down.

Most believe their big bellies are just from insulin but it's a combination of insulin(growth hormone) and their cortisole levels off the charts. Good job researching how our bodies work and getting a better understanding of how it works helps us to better manage our numbers.

Happy New Year.


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