Full Version: Bydureon Hard to inject

From: NurseHypno [#3]
 18 Dec 2016

One thing I have found is to not leave it out of the refrigerator for only 15 min as suggested in the literature that comes with it. I started off with that, but found the injection is harder, and hurts more and causes bigger knot. I have tried varying lengths out of fridge and found that several hours out makes it way easier to mix as well as way easier to inject. It also leaves less of a knot and hurts less. Right now I am at about 12 hours and this last one yesterday took no effort to inject at all and barely hurt.

Make sure you are rotating your site's , too! Very important!! I use both thighs, alternate each week and at least an inch from any previous injection site that I can still feel a knot in. I haven't gotten up the nerve yet to try my abdomen because of the large knots, so only use my thighs. Another helpful suggestion is to tense your thigh muscle, then pinch up about an inch wide section of tissue. To inject this way, you have to have everything laid out, cap off the needle, alcohol swab ready, etc. Once you pinch, keep it pinched. Doesn't have to be tight like a squeeze, just a gathering of tissue. Once you make your pinch, then relax your muscle but do not let go of pinch. Cleanse with alcohol with other hand, then pick up syringe with alcohol hand, find the bevel of the needle and have it facing up , or forward ( I like mine facing left), slant slightly to bevel face up, and inject with thumb the way the included literature shows. Since you have the approximately one inch high and one inch wide pinch, you will go into subq without having to angle 45 degrees. I hope these suggestions help.


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