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From: Natural health (ALEDA) [#1]
 5 Aug 2016

In discussions of Syntra, I find it so interesting that traditionally Western trained "docs" always minimize the use of eastern herbs; substances that have been around and used successfully for thousands of years. Of course, the use of these herbs would dramatically cut into the BIG PHARMA kickbacks to docs as well as politicians but what the heck....

I personally know FOR A FACT that curcumin, which is the purest form from
Which the spice turmeric is derived, is being is in protocols for the SUCCESSFUL treatment of lung, breast and prostate cancers! Those of us who have long studied natural cures, have known for a long time that this root helped destroy cancer cells!

So back to Syntra5 - the herbs May in fact assist in the much needed weight loss for those suffering the Diabetes Type 2 and the A1c levels may be reduced as well.


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