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From: Dave (KETONE) [#1]
 20 Feb 2013


I've been on and off Byetta since 2005. Initially I lost 50 lbs with Byetta after first gaining that weight quickly when becoming full blown type 2. It never really helped lower my BG much but it gave me very good energy and took away the sick feeling I get of having to urinate constantly.

Victoza noticeably lowered BG but I got a nasty side effect of pain, numbing from shoulder up through neck and tried it at 3 different dial strengths, the pain got worse as I upped the dose, so had to stop Victoza.

I was started on Lantus insulin July 2012 and Apidra insulin in August but found insulin not lowering my BG. I was restarted on Byetta in November and have taken with insulins, but have stopped Lantus and only take Apidra when eating a carb meal, usually I eat Atkins, no/low carb. I have high blood insulin levels and strong insulin resistance, been Atkins dieter on/off since 1970's. My diabetes is inherited, so even in ketosis, I have high blood sugar. Blood sugar has never been in control since 2005 and has gone from 170's to high 200's fasting. I never get lows but sometimes can lower with various herbs, supplements, etc.

I've found Byetta effects start to wane after 2-3 weeks after opening pen, possibly a preservative deteriorating and if an air bubble gets in can be worse. Sometimes I've used a Byetta pen upto 35 days. Past couple of years, at times I have to skip a dose or stop for a day or more because it is too energizing and causes anxiety which goes away in a few days. Thus, I end up throwing a Byetta pen away that has a week or more of medicine in it, a waste of money. I've found spacing the injections around 12 hours apart keeps me from too much energy.

Thus, I requested Bydureon because I thought it may not have the same preservative as Byetta, I could use it a week at a time and then take a break if I find it is too energizing, thus a monthly kit could last longer and not waste the med as I am with Byetta. Also, getting a new fresh batch of med after a week vs the Byetta pen deteriorating over time. Always seems a new Byetta pen works best, most noticeable when first opened.

I'm waiting a few days from last Byetta dose before starting Bydureon because of concern I'll take Bydureon and be stuck with too much energy for the week.

Does anyone notice a decrease over the week in Bydureon effectiveness? Energy? BG lowering? And increase when taking next Bydureon dose?

Since Byetta requires dosing on empty stomach after 2 hours from last meal, how can Bydureon act the same if you are eating thoughout the day and it is constantly being released into bloodstream??

Does Bydureon need any special training to prep or can you follow the booklet in the box? I was told I should make an appt with a nurse practitioner to learn. Is this really necessary?

Anyone taking Bydureon with insulin? Company says can not be recommended but with Byetta they say can be taken with long acting Lantus insulin but not with short acting insulin like Apidra.

Any other differences noticed when switching from Byetta to Bydureon?

Thanks for all info!



From: Dave (KETONE) [#3]
 20 Feb 2013
To: Dave (KETONE) [#1] 20 Feb 2013

I called Amylin and they told me Bydureon takes upto 10 weeks to reach steady state, usually 6-7 weeks for full effectiveness in BG lowering, some people may notice effects in 2 weeks. Byetta is immediate and doesn't last in bloodstream, is in and out same day.

At steady state, Bydureon is equivalent to Byetta 10mcg twice per day.

While Byetta has been tested and has FDA approval with Lantus, Bydureon has not been tested and can not be recommended with any insulin, though an MD can prescribe it with insulin.

So, I'll have to see what happens!



From: RM_in_AK [#5]
 21 Feb 2013

I haven't noticed much change during the week. On day 7, it seems to be about the same as day 1. I'm still seeing appetite suppression though I have to be conscience of it. My numbers haven't changed much over the 10 months I've been taking the Bydureon which is fine with me.

No complaints, issues or problems. I hope things continue on this way...


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