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From: Medicmom72 [#1]
 17 Nov 2012

Hi everyone,

I am happy to report that unlike on Byetta I am not having debiltating nausea with Bydureon; for the most part I am doing great. No fatigue, and very little nausea. I just took my 9th injection. My b/s is excellent, and I have lost 14 pounds. My problem is that I am in need of another back surgery in the near future, but can't take the time off work at the moment. I work 12-13 hours shifts in a very busy ER, and I am having excruciating pain when I leave work, and in the afternooons when I wake up to go to work. I have had a nerve root block which took some of the edge off but not enough. I take Lortab 10, and have been taking them with no problem for approx 6 months. After I started on Bydureon I noticed I was not getting any relief from the pain pills. I understand about building up a tolerance to narcotics but this is different, and the onset was immediately after my 3rd shot. I read about exenatide decreasing the affects of Tylenol, and I don't know if that has anythign to do with me getting very little relief from Lortab. I just know that after starting on Bydrueon it takes 2 pills instead of 1 to stop the pain. So I spoke to my surgeon about this and he was familiar with Bydureon so he wrote me a new script. The pharmacy is refusing to fill it for 7 days because they say I can't have it filled any sooner that 30 days from the last script. I started the Byetta in 2006 right after my first fusion. I could take the pain meds 2 hours before the Byetta, and it worked fine. Unfortunately, I can't do that on Bydureon. I am in TERRIBLE pain tonight. Does anyone have ANY suggestions about how to take pain medications in relation to Bydureon to get maximum relief. The pharmicist is already looking at me like a seeker. I very embarrassed. I am hurting so bad, and have no idea how to handle this. I would appreciate any advice.


From: Sue (SUEFIRST50) [#3]
 18 Nov 2012
To: Medicmom72 [#1] 19 Nov 2012

Hi, I really feel sorry for your situation and understand your problem. I think you need to ask a pain management doctor what to do about pain meds since Bydureon diminishes their effects and you are in so much pain. Have you called the help line for Bydureon and asked for suggestions? Since they are not doctors you speak with I don't know if they will have an answer for you but maybe they can find out what you can do. I hope you get some help soon because it is hard to deal with the kind of pain you are in and you shouldn't have to suffer the way you are. Good luck.


From: Medicmom72 [#5]
 19 Nov 2012
To: Sue (SUEFIRST50) [#3] 19 Nov 2012


Thank you very much for the suggestions. I had thought about consulting a pain management physician. My problem at present is that my neurosurgeon understands about the Bydureon, and the affect of it on pain medications. He gave me a new Rx, but the pharmacy won't fill it until 28 days has passed since my last refill. I am definitely going to call the Bydureon line for any advice they may have.

I also appreciate your sympathy, you are very kind. Sometimes that helps more than anything. Especially, after I got the seeker look by the pharmacist. :-). I will post an update after I speak with the Bydrueon line.


From: Sue (SUEFIRST50) [#7]
 19 Nov 2012
To: Medicmom72 [#5] 20 Nov 2012

Isn't there something your neurosurgeon can do about making the pharmacy fill your new Rx sooner? I know with controlled substances especially they are very strict but why if a doctor wants you to have something stronger/sooner, etc. does the pharmacy have the right to decide when you can have it? I know exceptions can be made and there has to be a way as to how it can be done. I would think someone like a neurosurgeon has dealt with this type of situation before and I would think he could intervene on your behalf.


From: Medicmom72 [#9]
 20 Nov 2012
To: Sue (SUEFIRST50) [#7] 20 Nov 2012

Sue, I thought the same thing, especially having a new hand written Rx with his signature. Pharmacy will not fill it. I placed a call to the Dr's office and explained what is going on, but haven't heard back from them. I know from nursing that the physician can't call in narcotics over and over; especially refills. But with a new Rx it should be able to be filled, even if it is earlier than I normally get them. I hope to hear something from the physician's office this morning before going to bed. Thanks for your reply I will update when I hear something. I definitely know one thing, I will be changing pharmacies. I could understand if I kept calling for refills, but I didn't. I have a valid prescription, and don't understand how they can refuse to fill it. When I asked the pharmacists she replied, "it hasn't been 30 days since you last got the meds" I also asked her to look up some information on Bydureon's affects on pain medication, and acetomenophine levels. I asked her to call the physician and validate that he knew about my taking Bydureon. She wasn't interested. So I will continue to work on getting my meds refilled, and getting some relief. Thanks again Sue, have a good day.


From: Sue (SUEFIRST50) [#11]
 20 Nov 2012
To: Medicmom72 [#9] 20 Nov 2012

If you have the option to change pharmacies you should because another one may have a pharmacist who is willing to check into things for you as you asked this one. Some medical plans only allow people to have their Rx's filled at specific pharmacies but others have no restrictions. If you can fill yours anyplace try to find one that is more accommodating if possible. Another suggestion and I don't know if this is allowed or not but can you get personal Rx's filled at your hospital pharmacy? I sure hope you can get this resolved soon.


From: Medicmom72 [#13]
 21 Nov 2012
To: Sue (SUEFIRST50) [#11] 21 Nov 2012

I did take my Rx to a new pharmacy this evening, you were exactly right about everything. I can pick my medicine up in the morning on the way home from work. I am so happy, I see relief in the near future :-) . The pharmacist said that since the physician was willing to write another Rx, and he tweaked it some, it should have been filled in the first place. He was also familiar with Bydureon, and it's affects on medications. He was very helpful, I will not being using the other pharmacy again. I think I will still consult my MD about a refferal to a pain management physician; so that I will have someone to work with me, and figure out a correct pain med regimine that will work with the Bydureon, and help me get good pain control with the least meds possible. Thank you very much for your posts. I hope you have a great week.


From: Sue (SUEFIRST50) [#15]
 21 Nov 2012
To: Medicmom72 [#13] 22 Nov 2012

I'm so glad it worked out with a new pharmacy. The run-around you got from the old one just didn't seem right. I also think it is good to try a pain management doctor in case the meds don't help enough. I know having relief from the pain will do wonders for you in many ways. Take care and feel lots better.


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