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From: CaSuziCute (ZARUBINA2) [#1]
 20 Oct 2012

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in July with CBS 359. I am currently on Byetta 5 mcg twice a day and metformin 500 at supper. My Bs before supper is great, between 105 - 115, but. My morning BS is always high, between 145-175. I have been very careful with diet, added exercise 3-4 times a week, and so far lost 15 pounds. What can I do about the morning readings?


From: Mark_in_MO [#3]
 22 Oct 2012
To: CaSuziCute (ZARUBINA2) [#1] unread

Hi Suzi,

What you are experiencing is called the "Dawn Effect", basically as the body wakes up it tells the liver that it needs energy to get started on an active day so the liver starts dumping sugars into the blood stream for energy.

I have a bit of an issue with the Dawn Effect (DE) also, but not quite as bad as your numbers.

Many folks have commented that eating a few carbs right before going to bed seems to help with the DE, not eliminating it, but reducing it to more manageable levels. Examples of what different people have been eating include: a small handfull of almonds, a piece or two of dark chocolate, a small piece of fiber-rich fruit (like an apple), or even a small slice of coarse bread (e.g. rye, pumpernickle, multi-grain wheat, etc.).

Personally, I try to eat a few almonds before going to bed and that seems to help keep my DE down around the 130-135 area. Hope one of these suggestions helps with your DE issue. Good luck!


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