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From: RM_in_AK [#1]
 31 Jul 2012

I thought that I should post a brief update. I have been on Bydureon for three months now and has been a very positive experience. My BG numbers both before meals and two hours after dropped pretty quickly and are now consistently under 100 and usually around 90. This is about 30-40 mg/dL lower than before while I was on Victoza. First thing in the morning it has been a very consistent 85. The appetite suppression is not only there but working well and I've lost ten lbs over since starting where I couldn't lose any while on Victoza.

I just returned from a 7000 mile road trip on my motorcycle and it was very simple to manage temperature using a 24oz wide mouth thermos carried in the top box. And this is with ambient temperatures ranging up to 105F. I only had to transport two doses at a time and just used very small amounts of ice from gas station drink dispensers in zip-loc snack size bags replenished once or twice per day. Even refrigerators were available, I just put the whole thermos in as many times the refrigerator temperatures were very close to freezing.

Just in case anyone is interested. :-)


From: toneylee in VA (TONEYLEE) [#3]
 1 Aug 2012
To: RM_in_AK [#1] 1 Aug 2012

Wow, you are doing fantastic! I'm so glad the Bydureon works that well. Imagine only having to carry 2 doses at a time--what a change. Congrats!! :)


From: RM_in_AK [#5]
 1 Aug 2012
To: toneylee in VA (TONEYLEE) [#3] 10 Aug 2012

I am really impressed with how well it is working. And even though I was traveling for a month, my wife brought down two more doses in the middle of the trip. This minimized the potential loss in case it got too hot or cold.

I'm glad that my doc was willing to let me give it a shot.


From: Mark_in_MO [#7]
 10 Aug 2012
To: RM_in_AK [#5] 13 Aug 2012

Hi Richard,

Glad to hear your Bydureon use is a real winner! I have also been using Bydureon for 3 months as of this week, and have found it works well when handled correctly (more later). Regarding your travel experience - that is great news.....I have not been doing much traveling (nothng longer than a week) due to multiple surgeries this year. I have done a bit of testing, and found that using the ThermoCafe 1.25L stainless steel wide-mouth thermos works pretty decently. Dropping in a digital stick thermometer, and using standard 3-4 ice cubes or 3-4 very small artificial ice packs (the size of a ravioli), along with an empty Bydureon tray, I have been able to maintain a solid 40F degree temp inside the 1.25L thermos for 20+ hours when the thermos is at a nominal room temp + or - 10 degrees. I simply wrapped a layer of bubble-wrap around the ziplock of ice to make sure it was not in contact with the Bydureon pack. So your experience using a thermos and available ice confirms my testing results - e.g. travel with Bydureon is just like travel with Byetta, simply with a bigger thermos!

My only difficulty with Bydureon, was that I started out shooting into my thighs, just like I always did with Byetta. However, due to the longer needle on the Bydureon, I was apparently shooting into more muscle (e.g. - intramuscular) rather than into body fat (subcutaneous), thus I was getting poor results with wide swings in my BG readings. After a month I figured out what I was doing, and I switched to shooting into my abdomen (which unfortunately has plenty of body fat), and then the Bydureon BG results dropped like a rock and stabilized at some of the best numbers I have had for a long time, including while I was on Byetta. Much like you, I am getting consistent BG readings right around 80 before all meals, and around 100-110 after meals. Even when I was bad a couple of times and ate stuff I should not, within an hour BG readings did not exceed 120.


From: Asedai [#9]
 1 Oct 2012
To: Mark_in_MO [#7] 6 Oct 2012

Hey there :) and I am also very impressed with how well Bydureon is working for me as well. I posted a separate question under Bydureon Problems but thought I would ask you to see if you are having any similar problems. Are you getting Injection site nodules and itching...do they go away? Anything that can be done to make them go away faster or to avoid them all together? I am injecting in abdomen. Thanks and glad we are in the same boat with Bydureon! (nod)


From: Mark_in_MO [#11]
 6 Oct 2012
To: Asedai [#9] unread

Hi Asedi,

Sorry it has taken so long to reply, but I have been traveling for a few days. I have experienced some minor issues with the injection site "nodules", but when I asked my Endo Dr. about them he said as long as they are gradually going away (e.g. being absorbed back into the body) there is no cause for concern. I have found that it is taking approximately 4-6 weeks for the nodules to disappear. I have not had any issues with itching at the injection site, so I am sory I cannnpt help you with that one. Perhaps you can treat it like any bug-bite...use a little (very little) topical steroidal cream and cover with a bandaid for a few days...and whatever you do; do not scratch it.
Good Luck!


From: JL [#13]
 16 Feb 2013

In my Bydureon directions, p.6 I think, it says to keep it refrig...the next bullet point says can keep at room temp for 1 mo

That seems to be about the same as some insulins

I keep mine in refrig but would not hesitate to travel with it, probably in cooler but would not worry so much when the ice melted (after reading this in booklet) until I could get more ice. JL


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