Full Version: Byetta and Januvia

From: Sue (SUEFIRST50) [#1]
 21 Jun 2012

Is anyone using Byetta and Januvia? Recently my doctor took me off Glipizide which I was taking with Byetta and Metformin because I was having too many lows. In fact, my blood sugars had been a lot better before the swtich and I was really pleased except for the lows. Well, with Januvia my numbers have been up again and I am eating more because I am always hungry. I'm trying to give Januvia a chance and also trying to motivate myself to curb my eating. I lost some weight which I was thrilled about but it is slowly creeping back up. I take 100 mg of Januvia once a day. If anyone else is on Byetta and also takes Januvia I'd like to hear about your experience with it.


From: cathy (CATHYHARJUND) [#3]
 12 Jul 2012
To: Sue (SUEFIRST50) [#1] 12 Jul 2012

Hello, I am taking byetta10mcg 2.4ml and i am happy that i found that i found that medication. It is really easy to use it comes like a injection. My diabetes is control.


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