Full Version: Lost then found Byetta pen

From: Mark_in_MO [#3]
 20 Jun 2012
To: Suzan [#1] 21 Jun 2012

Yes, it will be good in two weeks. According to the manufacturer pens are good for 30 days after first use, so the new pen will be good for a minimum of 30 days. Will it be good for 30 days following the next two weeks? Well, according to Amylin the answer is no, but I think that may actually be a maybe!

Personal experience has shown that when the pens are kept refrigerated between each use (and not left at room temp) they can continue to be effective beyond the 30 days recommended by the manufacturer. I routinely would get 31 or 32 days of injections out of a single pen, with absolutely no negative issues.

Several times, when I had extended remote travel and did not want to take 2 pens with me, I have used pens for 2+ or 3 weeks, then left them refrigerated for 10-15 days, and then finished them up after I returned, all with no significant impact on my BG readings. Basically the delayed use did not seem to cause any issues - I know this is NOT what Amylin recommends, but this is what I have seen.

Good Luck!


From: Suzan [#5]
 21 Jun 2012
To: Mark_in_MO [#3] 21 Jun 2012

Thanks Mark, I guess I will know if the saved pen isn't effective the whole time if my BG goes up. For me the Byetta acts as an energizer for my insulin.



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