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From: Angela In Iowa (ANGELA) [#1]
 6 Apr 2012

Is anyone esle haveing trouble using Truvia as It contains
sugar alcohols. The most common side effect is the possibility of bloating and diarrhea
Which is my issue
I had no problem with Splenda.
I was just wondering before I tried Truvia,



From: smorgan [#3]
 12 Sep 2013
To: Angela In Iowa (ANGELA) [#1] unread

Yes, Truvia is probably something like 1% stevia extract and the rest is erythritol, a sugar alcohol. While it is far from the worst of them, sugar alcohols all operate in the same way. They "taste" sweet, but cannot be digested in the upper GI like normal sugars. They proceed to the colon where they may be fermented by resident bacteria. Since they are things not found in nature - or in some cases found, but in infinitesimal quantities - they may not be handled well resulting in the diarrhea and other problems.

It is possible to purchase stevia without added sugar alcohols. They very in taste. It is a simple water extract, so I assume the variation is the nature of the filtering each maker uses. My favorite is KAL brand which at least for me has zero negative attributes like "after-taste" and the like. They 3 oz bottle says something like 2,300 servings - and they're not exaggerating!

Splenda is a man-made molecule not found in nature at all. It doesn't have the aforementioned GI problems but neither does pure stevia extract. So, it boils down to whether you're inclined to trust a franken molecule that in our one million years as a species only existed for a few decades. Stevia on the other hand is completely natural and has been consumed by humans for thousands of years at least.


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