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From: channing28105 [#1]
 28 Feb 2012

I have some questions about type 2 Diabetes my questions are:

Do you have to have all of the Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes to have Type 2 Diabetes

Some of my Symptoms that I have is

1. Frequent Urniation
2. Headaches
3. Weight Gain
4. Frequent Yeast infections

I am Obese and in my family there is type 1 Diabetes.

If you know the answers please message me.



From: cathy (CATHYHARJUND) [#3]
 17 Oct 2012
To: channing28105 [#1] unread

Symptoms and Complications of Type 2 Diabetes

People with type 2 diabetes may not have symptoms for years or decades, but as the disease progresses and blood sugar levels rise, symptoms develop. People with type 2 diabetes may have the following signs and symptoms:

blurred sight
decreased sensation or numbness in the hands and feet
dry, itchy skin
frequent bladder and vaginal infections
frequent need to urinate
increased thirst and hunger
male impotence (erectile dysfunction)
slow healing of cuts or sores


From: jenniferdraper [#5]
 2 Nov 2012
To: cathy (CATHYHARJUND) [#3] 15 Jan 2013

I use Acarbose to treat my type 2 diabetes. Acarbose slows the digestion of carbohydrates in the body, which helps control blood sugar levels.
Acarbose is sometimes used in combination with insulin or other diabetes medications you take by mouth.


From: RM_in_AK [#7]
 15 Nov 2012
To: channing28105 [#1] unread

I had a lot of what I thought were migraine headaches but it turned out that it was high blood sugar. Once I started being treated as type 2, the headaches went away. I haven't had any of those migraine-like headaches since....


From: cathy (CATHYHARJUND) [#9]
 15 Jan 2013
To: RM_in_AK [#7] 22 Jan 2013

Hello, how is every one doing with their meds?


From: RM_in_AK [#11]
 22 Jan 2013
To: cathy (CATHYHARJUND) [#9] unread

quote: cathy (CATHYHARJUND)
Hello, how is every one doing with their meds?

No problems, complaints or issues. The Bydureon is working well for me with my BG numbers always between 80 and 110. Rarely above and never below. The once a week aspect gives me a lot of flexibility as I don't inject on the same day each week. No side effects anymore and still a moderate amount of appetite suppression.

Maybe once a month I need to take the Reglan if I feel bloated but it's rare.

Hope this helps...


From: smorgan [#13]
 12 Sep 2013
To: cathy (CATHYHARJUND) [#3] unread

While most agree that diabetes never "leaves", it is not a given that blood sugars continue to rise. In at least many cases, they can be controlled and maintained within the normal range.

It is also not a given that complications are inevitable. At this time, most diabetics eventually have complication. However, most diabetics also do not maintain their blood sugar in normal range. There for it is possible that these complications are not the result of "diabetes" as such - which we will always be - but the direct result of abnormally high blood sugar.

I have been T2 for 3 years and never have any blood sugar reading out of normal range. I hope to continue like this and never experience diabetic complications (if the above theory is correct).

Please, wish me luck!


From: JaydenWren [#15]
 9 Jul 2015

Diabetes is considered as life-long disease, which affects the way of handling glucose in a body. Typically, many people have type 2 diabetes condition in which their blood glucose is not normal, but not so high to not get manage. Often, there are no specific symptoms of type 2 diabetes, however, frequent yeast infections, slow healing sores or cuts, numbness, decreased vision, impotency etc. can be considered its signs. These days tracking diabetes can be possible within at home by using special medical device like blood glucose meter that helps in preventing serious diabetes complications. If you have any such symptoms then contact your health care provider to get a treatment plan early.


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